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Founded in 1979, our mission is to serve as a catalyst for positive change in the lives of the people in our community on their paths to secure and prosperous futures.



Protecting Tenants and Affordable Housing

Mayor Bill de Blasio holds a press conference at Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation to announce that the newly created Tenant Support Unit initiative that helps tenants fight off eviction and avoid homelessness resolved its 1,000th tenant case since it launched in July.

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NMIC's Coordinating Paralegal Brendy Iglesias shares her Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) experience with El Diario

Coordinating Paralegal Brendy Iglesias was featured in El Diario to talk about her journey in the Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP), that ultimately led her to the current role of Coordinating Paralegal at Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation.

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In Memoriam: Dr. Carmen Ortiz-Hendricks

The staff and board at Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation are deeply saddened by the passing of Dr. Carmen Ortiz-Hendricks.

Dr. Ortiz-Hendricks was a passionate and disciplined thinker in her role as a Board member, and contributed to the thoroughness, conviction, and leadership of our work at NMIC. Her engagement challenged all of us to think more deeply and broadly about issues, and to be an organization that is continually learning.

Dr. Ortiz-Hendricks was a beloved social worker who made many contributions to the field. She joined Wurzweiler School of Social Work as Associate Dean in 2005, and in July 2012, was named the Dorothy and David I. Schachne Dean, becoming the first Latina female Dean of Social Work in New York City.

We will forever remember Dr. Ortiz-Hendricks for her generosity, integrity and passion for the Social Work profession. Our condolences to Dr. Ortiz-Hendrick’s family and loved ones.

Human Resources Administration (HRA) collaborates with NMIC to expand eviction prevention legal services including a new NMIC Bronx office

NMIC is excited to announce the expansion of our housing legal services in collaboration with the administration of Mayor Bill de Blasio to supplement the housing legal services we provide to our communities and to expand those essential services with our first permanent Bronx office.

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